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Team Assistant - Human Resources HK 08-Dec-2022
System Engineer - End User Technologies & Support HK 24-Nov-2022
Senior System Engineer - End User Technologies & Support HK 07-Dec-2022
Senior Officer / Officer - Property Management HK 06-Dec-2022
Senior Officer / Officer - Leasing (Fresh Market) HK 06-Dec-2022
Senior Officer - Property & Car Park Management (HK) HK 01-Dec-2022
Senior Officer - Marketing HK 14-Nov-2022
Senior Officer - Leasing (MLC) CN 06-Dec-2022
Senior Officer - IT Application (MLC) CN 12-Nov-2022
Senior Officer - Digital
Senior Officer - Digital HK 21-Nov-2022
HK 21-Nov-2022
Senior Manager / Manager - Treasury (Financing & Capital Markets) HK 02-Dec-2022
Senior Manager - Sustainability HK 24-Nov-2022
Senior Manager - Property Management (MLC) CN 06-Dec-2022
Senior Manager - Property Management (Fresh Market) HK 15-Nov-2022
Senior Manager - Marketing (MLC) CN 28-Nov-2022
Senior Manager - Marketing HK 06-Dec-2022
Senior Manager - Digital
Senior Manager - Digital HK 13-Nov-2022
HK 13-Nov-2022
Senior Manager - Corporate Finance HK 23-Nov-2022
Senior Manager - Car Park Management HK 03-Dec-2022
Senior Infrastructure Analyst - Data Centre HK 18-Nov-2022
Senior Customer Service Officer (HK) HK 06-Dec-2022
Property Services Support Officer (PM Audit) HK 06-Dec-2022
Project Officer (HK)
Project Officer (HK) HK 15-Nov-2022
HK 15-Nov-2022
Officer / Assistant Officer - Property Management HK 16-Nov-2022
Officer - Treasury Operations HK 28-Nov-2022